Wednesday, September 1, 2010


utilizing and refining elements from project 1, expand on your topic or company in a narrative sense-making/research poster.

include existing information and add new info as required.

how does one create a single-frame narrative?
what can you do in a poster that you can’t do in a screen based linear narrative?
how is simultaneity vs sequence controlled?

size: 24” x 36”, color tiled printout

include new information regarding your topic and audience:
  • historical references / recent precedents (what came before? what inspired this? how did this start? etc)
  • visual language/culture surrounding the topic
  • sources of stylistic visual inspiration
  • objects or products associated with the topic
  • diagram of a “participant’s experience” with the topic or organization (how do they interact with the topic, product, or service?)
branding students: include an organization name

project objectives for grading:
  • maximize the narrative affordances of a poster as opposed to a film
  • apply knowledge of narrative, its manipulation, and application across media in linear and non-linear forms

wednesday, sept 8, 8:00am on the junior studio wall space

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