Friday, September 10, 2010


i whipped through the posters on the wall and have some thoughts:

always always always consider spelling and grammar and tone/style in your writing. many of you have typos of all kinds in the writing.

think about how you read janna's poster in relation to how you read joseph's. joseph's is a traditional column of text, although it is broken up in the middle by the large statement which can draw us in for further investigation of the detail text. with janna's, you move across the poster space, once block at a time and find yourself in a very different place than when you started. "wow, we just took a trip with our eyes."

think about how this is like reading a book, listening to a story from a friend, or any other narrative model. how might that translate onto a single page? do you want to move the reader/viewer literally through a linear set of "spreads", from upper left to lower right? do you want them to dive into the middle and end up at the edges? do you want them to move quickly, slowly, or both? what kinds of narrative rhythms can you set up (text image text text, text image text text)?

consider how moving across the space of a poster relates to time. or consider how reading slowly or quickly is related to space and time. or consider how moving across a sequence of images creates a mini-movie on the poster.

i like what ian said about "layering" of information and the mental image that conjures for me. how can you create layers of designed information that the viewer/reader has to work their way through? could you literally draw out those layers onto your poster and then plug content into them?

keep pushing these ideas into whatever media you're working with. work to make the most of the medium. this is our time to experiment and try to push into new areas and make new discoveries.

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