Tuesday, October 26, 2010


well, it's not so much a lecture as a collection of thoughts and resources.

 in developing your five-second logo i.d., keep in mind the power of sound to add a level of "finish" to the visual channels of type and image that you are all currently using. we have been talking about how a logo is the visual signature for a company which embodies a few of their key attributes. linear narrative can build on those attributes to add more meaning through how the logo is constructed over time. for many of you this additional narrative and meaning is happening in image and text channels. it's natural that sound can add even more layers of meaning to the story.

as you know, there are three sound channels -- voice, sound effects, and music. consider if one or more is appropriate to what you are designing. do sound effects enhance the visual presentation? would a spoken tagline complement your logo nicely? how about a short clip of music? 

consider the "sound mark":

A sound trademark is a non-conventional trademark where sound is used to perform the trademark function of uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services
-- wikipedia

this is the sonic equivalent of a logo, branding your activity and making it memorable. think about the three tones often used alongside the NBC peacock logo. i'm sure there are many others. i would argue that it should communicate an idea different from that of a visual mark, but of course you may argue differently.

sonic brand (aptly named) is an example of a studio designing sound for brands.

technically speaking, some of you may have already begun using garage band for sound editing, but audacity is free and pretty easy to use.

download audacity here
and a nifty how-to handout to help you use that free software.

and finally, a few examples for your entertainment and consideration.

music with lyrics
family guy theme song
oscar mayer jingle

mcdonalds “you deserve a break today

mood-setting music
a great study of its effects

note the hierarchy and sequence within multiple sound channels:
mood music + sfx sound design project
mood music, lyrics, + voice over for sony
click video thumbnails on the left to listen

voice / voice-over promo reel
cheesy, yes, but it's a career for some people. choosing an appropriate voice is critical.

t-mobile sound mark
this commercial includes music, voice-over, a sound mark and logo i.d. at the end.

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