Sunday, November 7, 2010


final crit is 8am to 10:40am on wednesday november 10. we will have two guest critics – frank oviedo('04), partner at liquid 9, and josh lambert ('10), graphic designer at liquid 9. here is what is required for delivery:
  • .mov are the only acceptable file formats. no swfs will be accepted.
  • all projects delivered to my CAS dropbox no later than 7:45am wednesday nov 10. anything time-stamped 7:46 or later will receive a zero. only documented personal issues will be excepted.
  • filename: lastname_na_project7a, lastname_na_project7b, etc. 
  • statement about what you learned posted to your blog, labeled "na" or whatever label you are using to denote this class. consider answering the following questions: 
  1. how have you deepened your understanding of theory such as story structure, plot, etc? 
  2. what new things have you discovered about using communication channels of image, voice, music, text, sound effects? 
  3. what new things have you learned about the specific qualities of motion, duration, or transitions? 
  4. what have you learned about how design principles (balance, contrast, direction/motion, emphasis, rhythm, unity)can play out over time on the screen?
  5. what process-related things have you learned (storyboarding, planning, production, etc)? 
  6. what form-related or technology-related things have you learned?
  • any process work for this project posted to your blog and properly labeled. refer to previous posts for basic expectations in this area.

the crit structure is as follows:
  • provide a very brief setup, explaining the context for the work – where it appears, what the basic purpose is. other than that, the work should basically speak for itself.
  • frank and josh will lead with initial impressions, the good, the bad, the ugly.
  • other classmates may join in after that. 
  • eight minutes total for each student.

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