Monday, August 23, 2010


with your topic chosen, define a narrowcast (subcultural; as opposed to broadcast) audience and make a 15-second summary telling us about the topic and audience.

don’t define the audience by traditional demographics (gender, race, age, income, class) but by lifestyle choices/beliefs/preferences. it can’t be college kids exclusively. give me consumer preferences, social status, hobbies/activities/affinity groups and why.

must be screen-based, designer-controlled linear narrative.
resolution: 1280 px x 720 px (hd) (called HDV 720p in imovie when you start a new file)

required audience info:
  1. values and identity (purpose, relevant beliefs, sense of belonging)
  2. visual symbolic codes
  3. communications styles based on language and speech (slang/jargon, body language/gestures, literacy/education level, etc)
  4. preferred media and distribution channels of communication

required subject info:
anything that will communicate the basic idea of your subject matter.

communication channels available to you are image, text, voice, music sound effects.

project objectives for grading:
  • construct messages over time that address stated communication objectives
  • apply the communicative potential of the various communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sound effects) to classroom projects

due wed, sept 1 before the start of class
quicktime movie dropped in my cas dropbox and posted to your blog.

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