Wednesday, September 15, 2010


select a new area of your poster to use in creating a second detailed narrative exploration. this is, again, you experimenting with unique ways to develop a short story that provides more detail about one aspect of your content. it should honor the content, but we are not overly concerned about the audience at this point.

examples: create a mission statement (brand folks), historical roots of the topic, the culture (visual and otherwise) of the audience, details about products involved, communicating about an experience, etc, etc.

one communication channel allowed – image, text, voice, music, or sound effects – but it can’t be the same as the previous project. media is totally open. take risks, be inventive, but keep your short deadline in mind.

branding students: select and refine a final black and white logo for your company, separate from this story, due along with this project.

what is an appropriate and interesting point-of-view to use?
how can you best take avantage of your medium to captivate a viewer/listener/reader?

project objectives for grading
apply the communicative potential of the various communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sound effects) to classroom projects
apply knowledge of narrative, its manipulation, and application across media in linear and non-linear forms

wednesday sept 22, 8am in the classroom
any digital files should be dropped in my cas dropbox and posted to your blog. filename “”

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