Monday, September 13, 2010


if you find great examples of the transition types from the lecture, email them to me an i will post them here.

here are the types:
action edit – movement of camera positions during subject activity.
"i met the walrus" (thanks keaton) –tons of camera position shifts, but lots of other interesting builds and transformations happening as well.

directional edit – directs the eye to a new position on screen.

form edit – transition between elements with similar physical forms.

concept edit – juxtaposing two shots in a way that plants an idea or suggestion in the viewer’s mind.
"words" by everyone on vimeo (thanks keaton)

combined edit – any combination of the above

uncategorizable (our catch-all will be here)

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    some of us have seen this from find and share last year, but i think some of the transitions are interesting