Wednesday, September 22, 2010


combine your two detail stories to give a bigger picture of what your topic is about. the end result should be two channels working together to give us two different types of information that form into a larger, more complex narrative. media is totally open. remember we are experimenting to understand the full potential of the media and the way the communication channels work within them. have fun with it.

your two previous communication channels are allowed. work with your existing content -- keep the adding or subtracting of content to a bare minimum. the challenge is to make the two existing stories work together in an interesting way.

branding students: select a color palette and options for supporting typography for your brand.

how can you use what you’ve learned in the last two projects to improve on your previous efforts? can you edit better? can you have higher production values?
what kinds of relationships and juxtapositions can you achieve when combining two communication channels?
how do you reconcile two very different mediums into a single, seamless final form?

project objectives for grading
apply the communicative potential of the various communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sound effects) to classroom projects
apply knowledge of narrative, its manipulation, and application across media in linear and non-linear forms

monday oct 4, 8am in the classroom
any digital files should be dropped in my cas dropbox and posted to your blog. filename “” please pay attention to proper file naming requirements.

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