Monday, October 4, 2010


make a 5-minute report/presentation on your assigned studio.
ray: buck
kelsey: we are royale
bryan: trollback+company
loren: agency: collective
bethany: eyeball
ben: knife party
janna: stardust
brandon: tronic
vi: ca square
taylor: digital kitchen
keaton: mk-12
joseph: imaginary forces
julie: pleix
ian: brand new school
karen: psyop

required info
  • description of the studio
  • a couple of significant projects
  • context in which their work appears (broadcast, web, environmental, etc)
  • purpose the work serves
  • depth of meaning/concept in the work (why things are structured, look, behave, or move the way they do)
  • how could this type of work be applied or adapted to new technologies or media (mobile, ipad, etc)? what all would the designer have to consider?
  • audio-visual presentation, in keynote or pdf. 
the entire process should take you about three hours.

how can this report be an interesting narrative in its own right?
how can your presentation be as seemless as possible in terms of software you use?

project objectives for grading
  • construct messages over time that address stated communication objectives
  • hold a perspective on the practical applications of narrative in the design field and its practitioners
grading breakdown: objectives 70%, craft 30%

wednesday, october 6, 8am in the classroom
collect all your reports onto one or two computers to minimize transition hassles.
put pdfs of final visuals / speaking notes in my CAS dropbox before class. filename “”

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