Wednesday, October 6, 2010


for the next five weeks, we will take everything we have learned, along with some of the visual elements you’ve developed (logo, type, colors, and maybe even some content or concepts) and apply it toward two final artifacts for your portfolio.

determining artifacts
branding students: the first artifact will be a 5-second time-based ID (aka a logo build). this can be used at the end of commercials, the start of promo videos, on the company website, etc, and will take approximately two-weeks.

the second artifact is your choice. you should consider the nature of who your company is and what it does, then identify a fundamental application of a narrative approach to your brand. two examples: a company that makes playground equipment may use a laptop-based video about their product line in presentations. a bike company may produce a looping animation to play on screens in their trade-show booth. you will have  approximately three weeks.

kibera tv students: the first artifact will be a logo bug that appears in the corner of the kibera tv programs. it can be kinetic or static, but should be shown composed over sample footage to provide context.

the second artifact will be a 15-second opening title sequence for kibera t.v. (technical specs to come).

information students (choose one):
- a web-based video on how the product works and is different from similar products (approx 1 minute). see this speckyboy article for examples.
- an environmental narrative on a popular practitioner, to accompany an exhibit about the product (approx 1 minute). see open’s “house of swing” project for examples.

project objectives for grading
  • construct messages over time that address stated communication objectives
  • interpret principles of 2-d design within temporal media
  • demonstrate an understanding of story boarding through sequencing explorations
  • apply knowledge of narrative, its manipulation, and application across media in linear form
  • apply the communicative potential of the various temporal elements (duration, motion, and transition) and communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sound effects) to classroom projects

wednesday, november 10, 8am in the classroom.
put all digital files in my CAS dropbox before class. filename “” and “”.

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